23/11/2012 10:35 GMT | Updated 27/11/2012 04:21 GMT

Harry Styles (Almost) Naked: His Best Topless Pictures

One Direction's Harry Styles is always going on about how he loves getting naked, and luckily for us he's also willing to do it when there are cameras around.

It has landed him in trouble though, as earlier this year a leaked picture - apparently taken by Harry himself - showed him fully naked (we're talking EVERYTHING) in a bathroom mirror. However, the singer denied it was of him and lil Harry.

Luckily though it didn't deter him from taking his clothes off again, and the One Direction star has since given us plenty more half nude pictures to salivate over.

So without further ado, here are his best half-clothed moments.

Harry Styles' Best Half Naked Moments