22/11/2012 17:16 GMT | Updated 22/11/2012 17:19 GMT

I'M A CELEBRITY: Limahl Becomes Second Contestant To Be Voted Out Of The Jungle, After His Morning Weep

Limahl has become the second contestant on ‘I’m A Celebrity’ to walk out of the jungle after being voted off by the public.

The 80s pop singer has followed MP Nadine Dorries along the rope bridge back to normality after just over a week in camp.

Limahl had previously collected the baton from Hugo Taylor for the title of jungle weepy, admitting he was upset because, “no one’s talking to me - I feel a bit isolated.”

As he succumbed to tears, the Kajagoogoo frontman explained to the Bush Telegraph, “What happens is you start doubting yourself. Your self-confidence goes down. What’s wrong with me? I don’t fit in.


Limahl got upset at the thought of not fitting in with his campmates

“The thought of going through ten days just being here and not having any friends... it’s quite tough.”

It was left to Helen to comfort him, telling him to stick with her, before beseeching her fellow campmates to make an effort with sensitive Limahl.

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The girls were quick to comfort a softy Limahl

Most of the men looked on bemused, with Hugo calling him “a bit oversensitive” (Mr Pot, meet Mr Kettle) and Eric saying he was too old to be mollycoddling anybody - “this is not a place to show you’re weak, this is the jungle.”

But the women were quick to comfort Limahl with cuddles, and he even let them touch his hair, before admitting, “They’ve apologised and everything feels better. The cracks were beginning to show a little bit. I’m only human.”

When he joined Ant and Dec for a chat following his departure from campsite, he laughed, "Where was the gay vote?"

And he added, "I came in late to Kajagoogoo and they fired me. So it's history repeating itself."

Who do you think's got it to survive the jungle?

There was no danger of singer Ashley Roberts being eliminated after she volunteered for the Terror Train Bushtucker Trial.

Pushing her way through the various carriages and her creepy-crawly co-passengers, including some dead fish, pythons and lots of mushy stuff, the Pussycat Doll emerged with eight stars, which meant lots of grub for her bush mates.