23/11/2012 03:28 GMT | Updated 22/01/2013 05:12 GMT

I'M A CELEBRITY: Nadine Dorries 'Shocked By Hate Mail' After Being Booted Out Of The Jungle

Nadine Dorries had a fresh shock after she exited the 'I'm A Celebrity' jungle on Wednesday.

There was a pile of mail waiting for her, mostly from irate writers, furious that the MP had deserted her job to take part in ITV's reality show in the Australian outback.

nadine dorries

Nadine Dorries has defended herself from criticism that she is not taking her political work seriously

The Sun reports that the Tory MP, who had the party whip removed during her time in the jungle, defended herself stoutly against critics of her putting the show ahead of her work.

She told the paper she's back at work, explaining: 'There's an office set up in my hotel room.

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As for the criticism she's been getting, she said: "Some of the emails and stuff I've seen states I'm not there for my constituents. Well, I worked until the second I left and all through summer recess. I only had four days away when other MPs were abroad for four or five weeks at a time."

And she rejected the idea that party bosses didn't know she was going away... with specific criticism for the Tory party's chief whip Andrew Mitchell. Read what Nadine Dorries has to say here...

Nadine was the first person to be voted out of the jungle, after receiving the public's fewest votes on Wednesday. She was followed last night by pop singer Limahl.