23/11/2012 07:29 GMT

'X Factor': Rylan Clark Goes On Twitter Rant After Receiving Homophobic Abuse

Rylan Clark has faced criticism from all directions during his time on 'The X Factor' and it looks to have gotten all too much for the star.

Going on a Twitter rant yesterday, Rylan has blasted online trolls who have abused him over his sexuality whilst also hinting that some contestants on the show are being fake.

rylan clark

In a string of updates which started about Gary Barlow's comments at a gig earlier this week saying that he was 'sh*te', Rylan said: "I'd rather be 'absolute s***' than just stand there and sing the same old stuff every week on the spot... #boreme @GBarlowOfficial.

"Don't think people understand some of the stuff that I get sent day in and day out. Some of you should be locked away for your comments. Regarding my sexuality, it's absolutely disgraceful. Imagine that was your son or brother that was receiving those messages enough is enough"

He also revealed that he has been hiding a secret heartache during his time on the show, but has kept it secret so people didn't think he was using it as a sob story.

"I'm a 24 year old normal boy who has auditioned for 'X Factor' - never come from money, my mother is seriously ill, and not once have I used that as a sob story or a reason to validate my place on the show. I would rather be judged on the reason why I'm actually on the show to sing."


He continued: "I TOTALLY understand I haven't got the best voice in the competition but have proved that I can just stand there and sing. I love to perform hence the reason I like to put on a show every Saturday night, for those of you that have supported me thank you so much."

Things then turned really juicy when he took a swipe at some of his fellow contestants, hinting some of them may not be as they seem on the show.

"It means the world, unlike others, the truth will always out in the end and I look forward to the day when people see that I have been honest and genuine throughout and polite to everyone during this process, this is me signing off. Look forward to meeting everyone that has supported me throughout sometime soon. Lots of love, Rylan x."

Oooh, who could he be talking about?

Rylan has not tweeted since, prompting speculation he has quit the social networking site as Christopher Maloney did after he was sent death threats.


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