25/11/2012 17:33 GMT | Updated 26/11/2012 07:58 GMT

'I'm A Celebrity': Colin Baker Leaves The Jungle After Losing Out To Eric Bristow

Colin Baker has become the latest star to leave the 'I'm A Celebrity' jungle.

The former 'Doctor Who' star told hosts Ant and Dec: "It feels remarkably good. I must confess it's a moment I've been looking forward to."

Baker was sent packing after he lost to Eric Bristow in the bushtucker Panic Rooms trial. Despite this, Colin said he wanted Eric to be crowned King.

colin baker

Eric’s nonchalance in the camp extended to the Panic Room, where he calmly put his hand into one compartment after another to claim the stars, ignoring all the creepy-crawlies in residence. Meanwhile, poor Colin tangled with a crab and screamed like a girl.

For their trial, each had to choose a campmate to battle with them, and Eric opted for Rosemary, while Colin asked Charlie, telling her, “We’re bonded for life after this.”

They should be, after the horrors they went through. Rosemary could have beaten Helen Flanagan and all other comers for shrieks, even dropping the stars she did manage to collect because she was so busy squealing.

But when it came to collecting big stars which meant meals for the group, Colin and Charlie trumped Eric and Rosemary’s single one, with an impressive four.

Meanwhile, Helen Flanagan and Rosemary Shrager took part in the Dingo Dollars challenge, which involved Helen running down a hill, and claiming her screaming badge back from the others.

Helen boasted proudly: "I think I ran up and down the hill about 40 times and probably fell over about 15."


Helen in the Dingo Dollars challenge

Former Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts was asked to teach her fellow campmates the dance to her hit song 'Don't Cha' in order for them to earn their dinner.

It took some persuasion to get Eric dancing but the end result was perfection.

On Sunday's show, the celebs also received care packages from their family and friends back home after Hugo Taylor, David Haye and Ashley successfully completed their duping task.

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