26/11/2012 10:34 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mum Of Two Holly Willoughby Admits She Couldn't Do Anything Without Her Hired Help!

Holly Willoughby talks about work life balance her her brilliant nanny! PA

She's the archetypal yummy-mummy who is never seen looking less than picture perfect, be that gracing the This Morning sofa, presiding over Surprise, Surprise, or being a little naughty on Celebrity Juice - so HOW does she do it?

Well, mum-of-two Holly Willoughby has 'fessed up to a magazine that her ability to master the perfect work/life balance is down to her 'brilliant' nanny!

"It's one of those things that is too important not to get right," Holly tells New! magazine when asked how she splits her time between work and family life.

"I make sure the balance is absolutely perfect. I do have a nanny, who's here when I'm at work. She's brilliant. I couldn't do anything without out her."

The working mum also compares her hours to that of a teacher, in that she only works during term time, and says that her schedule always looks far busier than it actually is.

"This Morning is perfect because I'm home by 1.30pm pretty much every afternoon," she says. "And we don't work during school holidays. I've sort of got the schedule of a teacher!"

And, Holly says, she can take her children along to some of her jobs - something that her little boy Harry, three, loves!

"If I'm working on other projects the kids can sometimes come along," she says, adding that this is something Harry really enjoys when he is not in nursery.

"He thinks his dad works at Keith's Lemon's house because that's where we go to work!" she says (her husband Dan works on Celebrity Juice, too). "He is slightly obsessed with Keith. He's never seen an episode of Celebrity Juice, but I think he just likes the funny man who does the thumbs up!"

Harry's 'obsession', Holly says, has led to him thinking every man he sees with facial hair is Keith:

"He points at men with moustaches in the street and shouts 'Keith Lemon!'"

As Holly's Celebrity Juice co-star and friend Fearne Cotton nears her due date, Holly also speaks to New! about her friend's pregnancy style.

"She's one of the most stylish pregnant women I've ever seen," she says, but admits she has not been offering any words of parenting wisdom to her chum - on the basis that 'she'll be the most natural mother in the world'.

And as for whether Holly will be adding to her own baby brood anytime soon, the presenter is slightly less forthcoming in her answer!

"I don't know!" she says. "Who knows?! We'll have to wait and see!"

Read the full story in this week's new! magazine - out today.