26/11/2012 07:16 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Working Mum Sara Cox: I'm Trying To Have It All

Sara Cox talks about motherhood and how she'd love to marry for the disco and buffet! PA

Radio presenter and mum-of-three Sara Cox has spoken out about how she struggles to 'have it all'.

Sara, 37 is mum to Lola, eight (from her marriage to DJ Jon Carter), Isaac, four and two-year-old Renee with partner Ben Cyzer.

"I sometimes feel like I'm carrying loads of boxes and juggling work, kids, the gym and charity work. I'm trying to have it all and often failing but the main thing is I'm trying my best," she said.

The working mum - who started out as a model before landing her first TV presenting job in 1996 - admits her job helps keep her on track, and that she needs to go to work in order to still be 'Sara Cox'.

"Being a stay-at-home mum is one of the most draining and challenging jobs there is," she told the Express. "It is really full-on and I don't think I'd be very good at it. I need to be Sara Cox DJ and broadcaster. It keeps me sane."

She said that she is chuffed to be upping her working hours at Radio One as she takes over Fearne Cotton's weekday shows when the mum-to-be begins her maternity leave.

"I'm thrilled," Sara told the paper. "It means I get to do the school run, then play great new music. Also I need a new roof on the house so it will pay for that. Plus I get my weekends back."

Sara added that it was 'nice for Fearne' that is was not 'some new DJ who's taking over her show'.

"She can relax and get on with being a mum knowing I'm just keeping the seat warm for her," Sara said.

Sara also revealed that she is becoming more guarded about talking about her kids on air, as her daughter is starting to hear about her indiscretions!

"I try to protect her privacy but my children do cute things and I want to talk about them," the proud mum admits. "It's always innocent but if someone at school hears that I've said Lola likes reading Horrid Henry for example and then says to her 'oh you like that book,' although it's not a revelation it's still personal and about her."

And despite two children together and a 'lovely lifestyle', Sara has no plans to marry long-term partner Ben - even though he is her 'soul mate'.

"Ben's stuck with me anyway. He's the one, my soulmate. He always jokes that it's just a casual thing and 'a bit of fun' but we're embedded together and I just feel he's my other half.

"It would be nice for the kids if we got married though. Maybe one day but we're not planning it. I'm all for a disco and I love a buffet!"

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