28/11/2012 13:27 GMT

I'M A CELEBRITY: 'Obnoxious' Hugo Taylor Doesn't Get Christopher Biggins' Vote - So Who Does?

Hugo Taylor and Helen Flanagan have both come under fire from a former champion of the jungle.

"I can’t bear Hugo, I think he’s obnoxious," Christopher Biggins tells HuffPost UK. "I don't think he's improving. I think we’re just getting used to him. I wanted him to go last night."

As for Helen, who managed a new record of five bushtucker trials and no stars before she was voted out, Biggins says Eric Bristow got it right.

"He said, 'What did she think she was coming in her for - a couple of milk shakes?' I don't think she'd ever seen the show."

"And now she won’t come out of her hotel room."

hugo taylor

Hugo isn't Biggins' favourite, but Rosemary is a sad loss, apparently

Biggins' personal favourite probably isn't too hard to guess...

"I loved Rosemary, and I was very sad when she went out. I thought she could have won it. I don’t know what happened there.

"I want Ashley to win. It’s time we had a new queen, and she's lovely. But David's doing well - very nice on the eye. He’s strong and very ambitious. He does things, gets things done.

"In the first week and a half, I thought Eric could win, but he's gone over the top recently, he's become rather nasty. But Ant’s impression of him is to die for."

Biggins is obviously having a field day watching the programme "last thing at night, to wind down before bed" - and, following on from his strongly-worded piece in last week’s Daily Mail where he ventured that someone might actually die on one of these reality shows, he emphasises today that he's sure ITV will do the right thing by any unhappy contestants.

"The brilliant Dr Bob, he’s very aware of people’s sensitivities. He doesn’t want to push things… you never know what’s going to happen to people… I think in the early days when Blackburn won, it was like a romp. Later, when I did it, things had got more difficult, now it's like gladiatorial Rome."

Biggins remembers his days in the jungle fondly... "I was covered in everything. That was the first live trial, where I met the awful Janice Dickinson. We hugged and kissed and I suddenly realised that she was doing absolutely nothing."

The winner of this year's contest will, judging what Biggins experienced, find a whole new level of celebrity. "All the fans of Rentaghost knew me, they're adults now, so a lot of people already knew me. But It gave me a whole new audience of young people, and it was amazing to get so many young girls and boys voting for me. When you go in there, you have no idea it's happening - when Ant and Dec come in, it's terrifying. But to this day, four years later, I get jobs and offers, all off the back of that experience."

And, in a perfect fitting of face to idea, as well as doing panto at Plymouth this Christmas, he’s the frontman for this year’s campaign by Mr Kipling cakes and the Salvation Army to keep the festive spirit alive.

"I think we've lost a lot of the value of Christmas, and we're trying to bring it back," he reports. "They've got 20 vending machines across the country, so when you’re standing in the cold in your scarf and dying to get home, you can press a button, out comes the smell of Christmas followed by a piece of cake, followed by the Sallie army singing 'Happy Christmas'.

"The cake is free, and Kipling will give a donation to the Salvation Army. Everyone's a winner."

And why did they ask Biggins? "Because I am a gorgeous big Father Christmas," is his official line.

From King of the Jungle to King of cakes.