29/11/2012 08:14 GMT

Cumbria Earthquake Shakes Lake District Residents With 2.1 Magnitude Tremor

An earthquake struck Cumbria on Wednesday night, the British Geological Survey (BGS) has said.

The epicentre of the small 2.1 magnitude tremor was the small village of Patterdale in the Lake District, an area popular with tourists.

Beck Carter, a parish clerk in nearby Rosthwaite told the BBC: "There was a sound that I couldn't describe... then we all felt it, there was a sort of interesting vibration through your feet.

No injuries or damage have been reported

"It sounded like a freight train approaching if you were standing on a station... we all sort of sat there looking at each other going 'what was that?'"

According to the BGS, the last significant earthquake to hit the British Isles was a 5.2 magnitude tremor that hit Lincolnshire in 2008.

Smaller quakes like the size of last night's hit the UK around 20 times a year.