29/11/2012 05:32 GMT

That Facebook Hoax Legal Notice Explained In Full (VIDEO)

OK, hands up who posted that nonsensical, jargon-filled legal notice to their Facebook status after it went viral earlier in the week - under the mistaken belief that it would instantly make it illegal for anyone to "use" your content.

Ah, we're glad to see very few hands in the air - which is exactly what we'd expect from our intelligent, clued-up audience.

However, not everyone's as bright as you lot. So the very funny people at College Humor have produced this informative video in which a selection of smartass Americans explain exactly why the so-called legal notice was actually a crock of... erm... poo.

To be honest, the reason why we didn't post the notice to our status update is that we couldn't actually give a monkey's if anyone "used our content" anyway. You want to grab a picture of my cat playing with a toy mouse for your own means? Think you can do something useful with the knowledge that we had pizza for dinner last Thursday or that our favourite book is 'Midnight's Children'? Go right ahead. Be our guest.

Anyway, talking of Facebook... let's take a look at the awesome work of Daniel Manina, who's made it his quest to copy all his friends' profile pictures...

Facebook Profile Pictures By Daniel Manina