I'm A Celebrity: Boxer David Haye Knocked Out

Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts and soap star Charlie Brooks are the last two contestants standing in I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! after heavyweight David Haye was knocked out by the public.

The boxer survived 21 days in the jungle before being voted out in the penultimate episode tonight.

On hearing the news that he was leaving the camp, he kissed and hugged the two finalists and said: "I told ya! Girl power. Good luck girls."

Chatting to presenters Ant and Dec afterwards the boxer, known as the Bermondsey bruiser, refused to say who he wanted to see crowned Queen of the Jungle.

"I want them both to win," he said. "I want it to be either of them. In my eyes they are both winners."

Haye had made it to the last three in the ITV1 show thanks to a combination of impressive results in tasks and some eye-catching showers in the buff.

Yet the British boxer revealed that he had found the camp challenging. "It was a lot more mentally tough than I thought," he said.

"Physically I am okay with things, doing trials and stuff. That is okay. It was just being out of your comfort zone, having cameras on you the whole time. Being around people I didn't know.

"It was the lack of food, feeling hungry constantly. You feel yourself getting smaller and smaller, skinnier and skinnier.

"But that is part of the game and part of the show. I knew what I was getting in for when I signed up."

Earlier in the episode Haye had told Roberts and Brooks that he harboured ambitions of becoming a professional actor.

He said: "In five years time obviously boxing will be gone. I've got one, maximum two, more fights that I want. Other than that I'm not interested in doing any more.

"In five years time I'd like to be a well-established actor. That's my ultimate goal. People will not see me a boxer but as an actor, an actor who used to do boxing. So watch this space."

Yet before Hollywood comes beckoning, Haye had to face one of his most fierce opponents yet - a biting bandicoot.

The boxer volunteered to take part in the Well of Hell, which saw him climb inside a bucket and be lowered down into the dark where he had to pick up stars from holes in the wall filled with an array of creatures.

He walked away with all the stars, winning a slap-up meal for his fellow campmates Brooks and Roberts, despite being bitten by the bandicoot.

The boxer told hosts Ant and Dec: "It's really going to work on my hand what the hell is that? I've got bite marks, thanks for that."

But he later admitted it was "a small price to pay for dinner".

He said: "I knew you were going to crank it up today and make it hard and putting that bandicoot in there was definitely a good start."

The trio also triumphed in another challenge when they correctly answered a series of questions about their fellow celebrities and won an evening in a hot tub complete with scented candles, strawberries, chocolate, music and champagne.