04/12/2012 03:17 GMT | Updated 05/12/2012 05:31 GMT

Natalie Cassidy: 'I've Dropped Two Dress Sizes And Feel So Much Sexier'

Natalie Cassidy has unveiled her new body after dropping two dress sizes, and doesn't she look great?

The former 'EastEnders' star has had a well publicised battle with her weight over the years, but she has now proudly showed off her new slimline figure on the pages of Now magazine.

Speaking of her one stone, two pound weight loss, she told the magazine she felt 'so much sexier' after sticking to a 1,200 calorie-a-day diet and cutting out the carbs.

"What’s been amazing is I was my own diet boss so there was nothing faddy about it.

"Since having my daughter I’m not obsessed with being thin any more. My ultimate goal was to look curvy, toned and fit," she added.

Natalie, who shrunk to a just 7st 12lb in 2007 after making her infamous fitness DVD, has fluctuated with her weight since.

"I’ve never liked my body and those issues are still there, but I do feel sexier now," she said. "My partner Adam asks me why I’m suddenly walking around the house in skimpy underwear!"

Responding to comments that she is a yo-yo dieter, she added: "Until I can prove I can keep the weight off it’s a fair enough comment, but I feel confident I can this time as this regime’s been more of a lifestyle change.

"I’m probably setting myself up for a big fall – especially with Christmas round the corner. I need to stay focused and keep up my training," she added.

The full interview appears in this week's Now magazine, on sale now.