03/12/2012 10:54 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Paige And Bradley Top Santa's Naughty List

Santa's naughty list topped by Paiges and Bradleys! Alamy

A study of children's names and their links to good - and not so good behaviour - has revealed which little ones will be topping Santa's naughty list this Christmas.

The research by School Stickers analysed the names of more than 63,000 children who logged their good behaviour accolades on a new behaviour management app 'Classroom Carrots', and revealed the names most likely to be naughty or nice!

Benjamins and Elizabeths were found to be the best behaved in terms of logging the most stickers, while Paiges and Bradleys languished at the bottom of the behaviour charts.

Girls called Rosie, Grace, Lydia and Emma were also top of the pops, along with Alex, Jordan, Mohammed and Aaron for the boys.

The company found that those youngsters not registering as many stickers on their cyber-based reward charts along with the Bradleys and Paiges were Jacobs, Williams, Morgans, Joes, Niamhs, Natalies, Hollys and Phoebes.

But far from informing Santa of their findings, School Stickers managing director Neil Hodges told Parentdish that the survey was just a bit of festive frivolity.

"The annual 'Santa's Naughty and Nice List' is just a little bit of Christmas fun," he said.

"All children are individuals and just because a child is called Elizabeth or Benjamin does not mean they are going to be angels, just as Paiges and Bradleys are not necessarily little monsters!"

Hmm - do these names and behaviour traits ring true for you?

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