Tulisa 'The Female Boss' Reviews: Has The 'X Factor' Judge Created A Decent Debut Album?

'X Factor' judge and former N-Dubz star Tulisa was visibly quaking with nerves as she took to the stage herself on Sunday's show to perform her new solo ballad 'Sight Of You'.

The much-criticised singer admitted afterwards that it had been nerve-wracking performing, saying: "It was terrifying. You enjoy it but it's still terrifying." Viewers on Twitter seemed to lambast the performance, although personally I didn't find it as offensive to the ears as I expected to.

However, if feisty Tulisa thought that was scary, she probably doesn't want to read the reviews of her debut album 'The Female Boss', which are overwhelmingly negative...

Tulisa on the 'X Factor'

"It’s a string of worn clichés held together by a chirping sample which is so repetitive that you need a strong drink just to get through it," said Gigwise of her attempt at a solo record. They added: "Essentially, Tulisa is like a Primark Rihanna – or a Prihanna, if you will. It smacks of desperation, and it sucks, in general."

The Metro also compared Tulisa's offering to a low rent Rihanna: "Freddy Krueger scratching an infinite blackboard would sound preferable to 'The Female Boss'. Lead single 'Young', a shrill synth monster slapped together from low-rent, dance-pop clichés, is the highlight. The rest continues the pound-shop Rihanna sound without the panache."

The Observer stated: "The spoken-word 'Intro' espouses female empowerment but sounds like Pat Butcher flatly intoning rejected taglines for Margaret Thatcher biopic 'The Iron Lady, before the numbing, generic trance stylings of recent No 1 single 'Young' kick in."

The overarching message seems to be that Tulisa must try harder if she's to earn the respect she so demands from her 'X Factor' judging throne.

But does the woman this country seems to love to hate deserve a break? Take a listen to her latest offering below and let us know...

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