04/12/2012 13:05 GMT | Updated 04/12/2012 18:13 GMT

Dutch Linesman Death: Three Teenagers To Be Charged After Richard Nieuwenhuizen Killed

Dutch police are to charge three teenagers over the death of a linesman who was punched and kicked after officiating his son's football match in Holland, reports the BBC.

Richard Nieuwenhuizen, 41, affiliated to his son's club, Buitenboys, was attacked on Sunday by players of the opposition club, Nieuw Sloten.

Nieuwenhuizen collapsed later that day and died in hospital on Monday after falling into a coma.

dutch linesman death

The Dutch FA announced all amateur football matches will be postponed this weekend

According to the Mirror, Buitenboys announced his death on Twitter saying: "With great sadness we announce the death of our Buitenboys linesman, Richard Nieuwenhuizen. Our thoughts are with his family.

"Our linesman Richard died at 17:30 in front of his family. This violence must stop on the pitch! #stopsenselessviolence".

A statement on Nieuw Sloten's website read: "The board of sv Nieuw-Sloten learned with horror of the death of the linesman of Buitenboys. We are deeply shocked by the fact that the match on Sunday degenerated so badly, with this result.

"We express here our sympathy, firstly to the family of the deceased person. Words fail us. In addition, we also express our sympathy to the Buitenboys club and all its members.

"We distance ourselves strongly from the behaviour of the players who are responsible. As an association, when we were aware of wrongdoing, we apologised to Buitenboys."

The club have suspended all activities and withdrawn from the Sunday league.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter said: "I would like to express my sadness and distress on hearing of the death of assistant referee Richard Nieuwenhuizen."

"I was deeply shocked to learn of this tragic incident.

"Football is a mirror of society and sadly, the same ills that afflict society - in this case violence - also manifest themselves in our game.

"Nevertheless, I remain convinced that football - through the example set by the tireless efforts of people like Mr Nieuwenhuizen - is a force for good, and we must continue use its positive example to educate people against these wrongs."

The two 15 year olds and a 16-year-old will appear in court on Thursday.