05/12/2012 06:37 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mum And Baby Injured By Scaffolding Falling On Them

Mum and baby have miracle escape after scaffolding falls on them in the street Archant

A mum and her two-month-old baby girl cheated death when scaffolding crashed down on them in the street.

Charlene Jacks, 32, unwittingly saved her tiny daughter, Rogue, when she was struck on her shoulders and back by four big poles.

The freak drama happened as the equipment was being dismantled above her on Roman Road in Bethnal Green, east London.

The poles missed baby Rogue by inches.

The scaffolding gang, who refused to give their names before fleeing, are now being hunted by police. Injured Charlene, who also suffered severe shock, broke down in tears and had to be given emergency oxygen by paramedics who dashed to the scene.

"I didn't see the scaffolding as it crashed down," said Charlene. "The scaffolding would have crushed my baby if I hadn't been in the way.

"We've both had a lucky escape - but I'm in quite severe pain in my shoulder and my back."

The paramedic called police after eye-witnesses claimed that scaffolders simply walked away after the terrifying incident last Friday afternoon (Nov 30).

Police said the accident has been reported to the Health & Safety Executive.

Passer-by Shaun Leaning said: "I saw men loading scaffolding onto a van and one section fell onto the woman's shoulder while she was pushing a pram.

"They've had a narrow escape - a split second earlier and the scaffolding would have hit the pram. I asked the men for their details and they just walked off."

Charlene also asked who they were, but they just told her they were sorry and 'carried on moving the stuff'.

Minutes later an ambulance arrived and Charlene was taken to the Royal London Hospital.

Her sister Larnie Jacks, who lives nearby, looked after Rogue as she was treated.

The accident happened next to Old Ford Primary school shortly before home time when the pavement outside Mimi's charity boutique next door would have been crowded with youngsters.

Roofing work was being carried out on flats above the shop.

Boutique manager Joe Leslie said: "I found the woman outside crying and brought her in to calm her, then called for an ambulance - but now it's a police matter."

Charlene, who lives with her baby in a homeless hostel in Limehouse, is meeting Poplar & Limehouse MP Jim Fitzpatrick next Friday, (Dec 14), in a desperate bid to be housed.

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