05/12/2012 07:22 GMT | Updated 05/12/2012 07:27 GMT

Making A Splash: Water Balloon Art Just Got A Make-Over

Water balloons. Great for hot summer days, pranking annoying people and, erm, using as part of an elaborate photography project.

High-speed photographer Scott Dickson created these images by adding a pair of sunglasses/hat/novelty accessory to a water balloon, and then photographing its splashy demise.

Dickson is a photographer specialising in high speed water splash photography, so it was only inevitable that at some point he'd want to mix stuff up a bit.

water balloon art

These photos are the product of Dickson's elaborate home-built rigs and setups, which use a variety of background and colour effects to enhance the images - as well as capture them in a split second.

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