06/12/2012 11:30 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Found Safe: Mum Went On Run With Son, 7, To Prevent Him Receiving Cancer Treatment

Found safe: Mum who went on run with son, 7, to prevent him receiving cancer treatment Paul Keogh

A seven-year-old boy receiving treatment for a brain tumour who went missing with his mother has been found safe.

It was thought that Sally Roberts – a firm believer in homeopathic remedies - was opposed to her son, Neon, receiving cancer treatment following surgery on a brain tumour, and so went into hiding.

There was such concern over their safety that a judge took the rare step of lifting reporting restrictions to help locate them.

This morning, Devon and Cornwall police said Neon, who was subject to a family court order, had been found by colleagues in Sussex.

"Emergency protection care has been put in place and Neon's welfare will be considered in the High Court," police said.

"Devon and Cornwall police would like to thank the public, the media and police colleagues in Sussex for their assistance in securing Neon's safe recovery."

Neon, from Tiverton in Devon, who went missing on Monday, is now being given emergency treatment.

His mother Sally, 37, had taken her son to Sussex, more than 160 miles away, because she only wanted him to be given 'natural remedies' as he recovers from surgery on a brain tumour, according to reports.

The judge revealed Neon's identity following concerns that he might not survive if he was not given treatment immediately.

Mrs Roberts and her estranged husband Ben, Neon's father, are currently at the centre of a court battle over the boy's treatment for his brain cancer.

Neon's mum, originally from New Zealand and a keen believer in homeopathic medicine, had been staying in the West Country with family after Neon underwent brain surgery there.

Mr Roberts, 34, raised the alarm this week after not hearing from his son since the weekend. He said that his wife was opposed to the radiation treatment, fearing that it might damage their son's 'intelligence, growth and hormones'.

He said: "She wants to do everything she can and rely on natural remedies and things that are not too invasive, rather than radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

"She is worried about the damage that can be done. She wants him to be able to live a normal life.

"Personally, I want everything for him. I want to make sure he has everything available to him. I understand there are lots of things that can be done to minimise the after effects of radiotherapy, with various other pre- and post-treatments.

"All the evidence I have been presented with has told me he needs to have that therapy, but I am also aware there are side effects. It concerns me as well."

Making the ruling, Mrs Justice Hogg had said: "I have made an order permitting the identification of the child, Neon Luca Roberts, who is aged seven. It's thought that he is need of urgent life-saving hospital treatment.

"He suffers from a brain tumour and has recently had surgery and the doctors responsible for his treatment believe he urgently needs radiotherapy.

"His mother, Mrs Sally Roberts, who is also known as Sally Lees, is opposed to the treatment and has disappeared with Neon. She was last seen in Devon on Sunday.

"I am deeply concerned for the welfare and wellbeing of this little boy."