06/12/2012 12:34 GMT | Updated 06/12/2012 12:54 GMT

The Flip Side Bar Video (Or Men And Women Switch Roles On A Night Out)

Just in time for the Christmas party season comes a new (very) short film by American director Jay Diaz, which flips the world of cheesy boy/girl bar interaction on its head.

In the viral utube video The Flip Side (Bar), which has already had two million views, men and women switch roles.

The 'girls' ask: "Are you sure you guys aren't brothers?"

The 'boys' respond: "No, we get that all the time."

When a girl attempts to buy drinks for a group of guys, she's told politely: "I don't mean to be rude, you seem like a nice person, but we just want to catch up."

Then, when the guys hit the dance floor and are joined by the inevitable girls, the response is: "Scuse us we're trying to dance."

The video highlight key behavioural traits that characterise the sexes on a night out.

But, just in case you think this sounds like boy bashing, ladies don't come off easy either.

We see the lonely, less attractive friend waiting for her 'male' friends to finish ignoring her, as they flirt with the 'females'. And, by the bar, a self-loathing, self-destructive 'male' cries drunkenly about his failed relationship to a worried-looking 'female'.

HuffPost UK Lifestyle are slightly concerned that they identified with far too many of these stereotypical behaviours.

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