07/12/2012 02:29 GMT | Updated 07/12/2012 03:29 GMT

Louis Tomlinson 'In Trouble With New York Cops'

louis tomlinson

Boys will be boys, and Louis Tomlinson proved just that in New York this week - he was reportedly ticked off by cops for standing up out of the sunroof of a moving car.

The 'What Makes You Beautiful' hitmakers have been making waves in the Big Apple following their performance at the city's Madison Square Garden on Monday.

Harry Styles stepped out with rumoured girlfriend Taylor Swift, and Liam Payne received a dressing down from officials at the Empire State Building after taking aim at them on over a mystery incident.

And now it's emerged Louis has been a naughty boy, too - he found himself in trouble with the law after emerging from the sunroof of a car to film himself singing.

Cops spotted the star and pulled the vehicle over - causing gridlock for the traffic around them.

A source tells The Sun: "Louis and the lads are having a great time in the Big Apple and want to capture every minute.

"Louis was only standing through the sunroof momentarily but it was long enough to catch the eye of the cops. He may have found it funny but motorists stuck in a traffic jam certainly didn't."

The newspaper reports the police officers gave the singer a warning about road safety.

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