28/12/2012 13:43 GMT

Deaths In 2012, Whitney Houston, Patrick Moore, Neil Armstrong, Frank Carson And More

We lost some true stars from all walks of life this year (and a couple of bona fide bad guys).

Some were lives cut tragically short such as Tom Maynard, Adam Yauch and Gemma McCluskie.

Others reached grand old ages such as Patrick Moore, Eric Hobsbawm and Sir Alastair Burnet but their loss is still as keenly felt.

dead in 2012

Whitney Houston, Clive Dunn, Frank Carson, Patrick Moore and Neil Armstrong

For a few individuals, their deaths were an integral part of their story. The long battle Tony Nicklinson fought to be allowed to die amply illustrates this.

So take some time and spare a thought for some of those who won't be around to see 2013.