10/12/2012 04:56 GMT | Updated 10/12/2012 05:02 GMT

Paddy Crerand Rants At 5 Live Presenters (AUDIO)

Chris Warburton and Rachel Burden, BBC Radio 5 Live's breakfast presenters, thought it would be a good idea to suggest footballers might be culpable for being pelted with missiles when celebrating. In light of Rio Ferdinand being struck by a coin thrown from the Manchester City section in the Manchester derby, Warburton and Burden asked ex-United midfielder Paddy Crerand whether players were responsible.

Ferdinand, apparently, had celebrated in front of City fans after Robin van Persie's stoppage-time winner. Crerand, an MUTV commentator, was at the game and was well-placed to put Warburton and Burden in their place.

"What planet are these people on?" he cried, with Warburton appearing to side with certain fragile listeners.

Footage had in fact shown Ferdinand celebrated only in front of United's away contingent, disspelling suggestions he had antagonised City supporters.

The zinger in Crerand's exchange came when Burden, adopting a sombre tone as if disharmony was unusual at a Manchester derby, said how Ferdinand had gone "down to an area where home fans were and celebrating in front of them".

"Let me tell you something, did you watch the game yesterday?" Crerand asked.

"I listened to it." Oh dear.

"Well you didn't watch it, so you don't know what happened." Game, set, and match.

Neither Warnurton nor Burden mentioned Wayne Rooney also had missiles thrown at him when taking a corner, let alone celebrating in City's Etihad Stadium.

Listen to the audio here.