11/12/2012 09:12 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Two Toddlers Left Freezing Outside Pub While Dad Goes In For A Pint

Two toddlers left freezing outside pub while dad goes in for a pint
Passers-by were left stunned when they spotted a pair of toddlers abandoned in freezing weather outside a pub - while the man presumed to be their father was inside having a pint.

Shocked members of the public quizzed bar staff as to who the children were with, and their dad was located before police could be called. However, the feckless father reportedly finished a call on his mobile phone before taking the children away.

A spokesman for the pub, the Prince of Wales in Cardiff said that someone had come into the bar and spoken to the manager about the abandoned children.

"Staff located the father who was on the phone, when they told him of people's concern, he finished the call and walked off," the JD Wetherspoon spokesman said.

A witness told The Sun of their horror at seeing the young children on their own in the freezing street.

"I wouldn't leave a toddler for five seconds. I wouldn't leave them alone at all," the unnamed passer-by said, "I couldn't believe these children had been left alone in a buggy. There was a little one in the front and a toddler sat in the back - at one point he was trying to climb out."

"If he'd got out he could have gone anywhere, it is amazing how quickly they go, they would have been off in a flash," the concerned member of the public added.