13/12/2012 09:45 GMT | Updated 12/02/2013 05:12 GMT

Sewerman Style: Thames Water Jumps On The Gangnam Bandwagon (VIDEO)

Gangnam Style continues to spawn umpteen parodies like some kind of mutant strain of bacteria, and this one is, quite literally a real stinker.

Thames Water has jumped right on that bandwagon with a music video filmed in London's sewers.

Don't wash drain-blocking grease from your turkey dinner down the sink, sing a gang of sewer men, led by "chief flusher" Rob Smith.

thames water do it gangnam style

Smith says: "This Christmas, before you pour your turkey fat down the sink, ask yourself if you'd like to see it again in a week later swimming around your lounge with a load of excrement - because that's a very real possibility.

"Our video is a bit of festive fun with a very serious message. Sewer flooding results in people literally getting their own back. It's horrific. It's got to stop. That's why we're hell-bent on getting people to take heed of the Sewermen's war cry: 'Bin it - don't block it'. Got it?"

Thames Water spends £12million a year clearing around 80,000 sewer blockages across its 109,000km of sewers in London and the Thames Valley.

thames water do it gangnam style

Rob adds: He added: "We might not be the first organisation to do one of these Gangnam Style videos, but we're the first to do it this badly.

"The tunelessness of our singing is inversely proportional to our determination to put an end to sewer abuse - putting anything other than human waste or loo roll down drains."

The amount of fat dumped in Thames Water's sewers over a typical Christmas period averages 500 tonnes, the equivalent of one million Christmas puddings.


Each Christmas the problem gets worse with the amount of used cooking fat poured down the drains typically rising by around 25% as people munch down turkey dinners.

Three-quarters of the blockages Thames Water tackles are caused by food fat and its partner in sewer abuse crime, wet wipes.

Food fat slips down sinks easily when warm but sets into hard 'fatbergs' when it cools down in the sewers. Wipes, which do not break down like loo roll does, then cling to the congealed fat causing more serious blockages.