14/12/2012 06:24 GMT

Michael Owen Has Earned £7k A Minute At Stoke City

Michael Owen has played 53 minutes for Stoke City and has earned £7,000 a minute.

The Sun say the injury-prone striker, who has made just four substitute appearances for the Potters, earns £25,000 a week and his pro-rata pay works out three times that of what £220,000 a week midfielder Yaya Touré has earned per first-team minute at Manchester City.


With his future as a footballer looking bleak, Owen, 33 today, has been targeted by football's Twitteratti via several chastening facts.

Ominously, he played just four times in total for Manchester United last season and is injured again as he continues to be troubled by hamstring injuries.


  • Owen has scored fewer Premier League goals than Emile Heskey since 2004.
  • Owen has touched the ball just 26 times for Stoke, and has had one shot at goal (which was off target).
  • Owen has played 56 minutes for Stoke this season, which means he's spent more time on Match of the Day than on the pitch.