17/12/2012 11:35 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

'I Name This Child....Burger!' 2012's Most Ridiculous Baby Names Revealed

'I name this child....Burger!' 2012's most ridiculous baby names revealed Alamy

Every parent wants their child to be special. But some go to extraordinary lengths to make their little girl or boy stand out from the crowd – by giving them, er, unsual (aka ridiculous) names.

It's a trend that seems to grow year by year (illustrated wonderfully by the baby called Hashtag last month), 2012's crop of mad monikers uncovered by the American-based Baby Center's survey of 4,000 parents is a corker.

Highlights for the girls include:

Admire, Couture, Fedora, J'Adore, Oasis, Rogue, Sanity, Sesame, Starlit, Thinn and Yoga.

But they seem positively ordinary compared with the boys' list, which includes:

Ball, Burger, Casanova, Cello, Four, Google, Jedi, Mango, Mowgli, Popeye, Rysk, Thunder, Turbo, Vice and – my personal favourite – Hippo!

Glorious proof, if proof were needed, that 'normal' folk can be just as off-the-wall as celebrities.

Blue, Romeo, Harper Seven, Apple: you're soooooo last year!

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