17/12/2012 06:40 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Rottweilers Scary? You're Having A Laugh, Squeals Baby Dylan

To many people, Rottweilers are dogs that instil fear. But for six-month-old baby Dylan, his big bad Rottie is nothing more than a pussycat who reduces him to fits of hysterical laughter.

The wonderfully warm relationship between pooch and youngster has been captured on video by Dylan's family.

The dog called Brodie can be seen licking the baby's hands – sending him into a laughing fit.

In the 48-second video uploaded by Dylan's mother, and watched by nearly 4 million YouTube users, Brodie towers over the baby lying on the floor.

The little boy bravely pets the dog's muzzle and sputters with giggles as the pooch continues slobbering over his hands.

Dylan squeals with delight, grabbing the canine's head and ears as Brodie licks his chops and playfully nudges his tiny playmate, careful not to harm him in any way.

"You can't help but laugh along with him when you watch this video," the boy's mother wrote in the description of the video.

We can't help wondering what might be on Brodie's mind. 'Lunch!' perhaps?