Meet The Remarkable Twins Who Share A Body

Meet The Remarkable Twins Who Share A Body


The moving story of amazing conjoined twins who have only one body, but two separate heads is to be shown on TV tomorrow night.

Indian brothers Sohna and Mohna are lucky to be alive after being born sharing the same torso because of a rare one-in-a-million medical condition.

They have defied all the odds to celebrate their ninth birthday despite their condition killing most at birth.

The brothers are what is known as dicephalic parapagus twins and their amazing story will be aired for the first time in The Twins Who Share a Body - A Body Shock Special.

Despite the difficulties their condition creates, the boys, who live in an orphanage in Amristrar after being given up by their parents, are incredibly happy and smiley – and live as normally as possible.

The pair go to school each day and both can read and write. In fact, doctors are unsure how the children cope so well with their condition.

Dr Rakesh Chouhan said: "It's still a mystery and we're not 100 per cent sure how these things are happening.

"The most remarkable thing is two brains, single body being controlled separately and still they're a single unit."

The powerful film reveals that Sohna and Mohna get sleepy at different times and sense touch completely separately on their body divided exactly down the middle.

Nanny Parmjit Kaur said the boys had a fully individual sense of themselves.

"Sohna and Mohna think as two separate people. With shoes or socks, Sohna will put on his own and Mohna will put on his own," she said.

"They will never put them on for each other. "When they've been playing we tell them to wash their hands and legs.

"Sohna will wash his leg and walk away so we have to take Mohna back so he can wash his leg. That's how it is."

The Twins Who Share a Body - A Body Shock Special is on Wednesday night on Channel 4 at 10pm.