18/12/2012 12:36 GMT | Updated 07/01/2013 07:04 GMT

Nadia Kamil's Spoof 'Drunk Driver Safety' Video Challenges Sexual Harassment Myths

What's the best way to avoid becoming the casualty of a drunk driver. Well, according to Welsh-Iraqi comedian, actor and writer Nadia Kamil, it's probably best to avoid leaving your home at night.

In her spoof 'Drunk Driver Safety' video, Kamil delivers a simple sermon on how to stay safe, while others act irresponsibly.

"Avoid dressing like a beer, wine or cocktail, because a drunk driver may mistake you for an alcoholic drink."

Viewers should also avoid anywhere drunk drivers might be driving. And, you know, stick to alleyways and dark pathways.

By the end of her short film, Kamil makes her point pretty clear: "You don't blame victims of drunk drivers, so stop blaming victims of sexual harassment."

drunk driver safety advice

Still from Drunk Driver Safety Advice by Nadia Kamil