19/12/2012 06:50 GMT

Falcão, Futsal Star, Scores Incredible Backheel Goal (VIDEO)

You will have heard of Falcao, Atlético Madrid's prolific goalscorer and probably the best striker in the world. That's Radamel. His namesake, futsal star Falcão, has however scored an awesomely audacious goal that even Radamel has not executed.

His spinning-backheel-lob of an indirect free-kick, as you will have seen, is up there with the great indoor football goal of that scissor kick bloke.

Falcão, whose real name is Alessandro Rosa Vieira, played professionally for Corinthians but appears to have adapted better to the indoor format.

He was awarded the honour of as the world's best futsal player at the 2008 World Cup, which Brazil won. Falcwow (Falc-wow).