19/12/2012 07:34 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Skateboarding Legend Tony Hawk Defends Performing Stunts With 4-Year-Old Daughter Without A Helmet

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk defends performing stunts with 4-year-old daughter without a helmet

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk has hit back at critics who accused him of endangering his four-year-old daughter by performing stunts with her without a helmet.

Tony, 44, posted pictures on Instagram showing him dangling daughter Kadence Clover in the air by her limbs with no head protection.

One follower commented: "Crash, split, blood! Put a helmet on her, moron!"

But instead of taking the unwanted advice, the dad posted another image of him skating with his little girl, with the message: "One more from yesterday. For those that say I endanger my child: it's more likely that you will fall while walking on the sidewalk than I will while skating with my daughter."

Tony married Merriam, his third wife, in 2006. Kadence Clover Hawk was born in 2008 and the couple announced their divorce early last year.

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