20/12/2012 10:39 GMT

'Pain And Gain' Trailer Shows Mark Wahlberg Bigger Than Ever Alongside The Rock

"My name is Daniel Lugo and I believe in fitness," says Mark Wahlberg as he pumps iron in Michael Bay's action comedy 'Pain And Gain'.

Based on a true story, Wahlberg plays a Florida bodybuilder who gets caught up in a kidnapping and extortion scheme that goes wrong.

As fitness freak Daniel Lugo, he enlists fellow lifting enthusiasts - played by Dwayne Johnson and Anthony Mackie - in a scheme to steal from business owner Marc Schiller.

mark wahlberg

Earlier this week Johnson, AKA The Rock, posted a snap of his seriously impressive legs on Twitter, proving that it's not only Wahlberg's physique that's been affected by the film.

Meanwhile, Wahlberg has announced he will be starring in Bay's 'Transformers 4' after he was so impressed by his directing style on 'Pain And Gain'.

"We had such a great time working together. We kind of complement each other throughout the entire process - what he does and what I do, and how we were able to do it together," he said.

"After that I said, 'Dude, we have to work together again', and he said, 'I have a project you might be interested in'. That's how Transformers came about," he added.

'Pain And Gain' is set to be released in cinemas in May 2013.