21/12/2012 12:14 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mercy For Percy! Pupils Beg Head Not To Eat Playground Pheasant For Christmas Dinner

Pheasant who lives in grounds of school could end up on headmaster's festive dinner plate PA

Children at a primary school in Bangor, County Down, have adopted a pheasant which was found in their playground - however, the school's head has threatened to serve the bird up for his Christmas dinner!

The pheasant - who the kids have named Percy - has taken a dislike to head teacher Alan Brown, attacking him and pecking holes in his shoes.

Mr Brown has deemed the bird a nuisance, and said he could end up on his dinner plate on Christmas day.

Percy has been living in the grounds of Towerview Primary School for two months, following the children around, seeking shelter from the rain under the porch, and pestering the school dinner ladies for food. He even peers through the windows of the assembly hall to listen to the children sing.

The pupils are so outraged at Mr Brown's plans to make a meal out of Percy that they staged a protest with placards and wrote letters begging 'mercy for Percy'.

The BBC reports that Mr Brown will make a decision as to Percy's fate on Friday - the children's (and potentially Percy's) - last day at school...

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