26/12/2012 16:00 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Phillip Schofield Says He Left Baby Daughter To Scream For Hours

Phillip Schofield's parenting comments leave viewers angry PA

Phillip Schofield faced a barrage of criticism from This Morning viewers yesterday after he admitted he had left one of his daughters to cry in her room as a baby - as he sat outside the door with a glass of wine.

Phillip, 50, explained how his first born, Molly, just would not go off to sleep.

"Our first daughter wouldn't sleep," he said, "Eventually we had a barbecue and that night I said, 'I'm done with this.' So I sat on the landing with a glass of wine and let her cry."

The presenter went on to explain how Molly wouldn't settle for hours.

"She screamed for an hour, two hours. Eventually she went to sleep. It was like breaking a horse," he said.

The Sun reports that viewers objecting to Phillip's parenting skills took to Facebook to vent their anger, with one writing 'I cannot believe you are justifying this'.

Phillip has two daughters with his wife Stephanie, Molly and Ruby, who are now in their late teens.

What do you think? Unfortunate phrasing of 'like breaking a horse'?

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