27/12/2012 18:01 GMT | Updated 27/12/2012 19:12 GMT

Polar Bear Winner Dies Of Hyperthermia In Buenos Aires Zoo On Christmas Day

A beloved polar bear in Buenos Aires City Zoo died from "hyperthermia" and shock at Christmas Eve fireworks, unable to adapt to the temperatures of Argentina.

Winner, the zoo's last polar bear, died on Christmas morning, because of the unusally hot temperatures that day, the zoo said in a statement.

AP reported that the animals used to live in a pool but their cage was improved in 1993 when a 145,000-litre pool was built along with a site for birthing and three security rings.

The zoo said in a statement that it had been visited by experts and met all international regulations to house polar bears.

Winner was 14-years-old, having recently arrived from Santiago in Chile. The zoo said he had a "nervous temperament."

AP said temperatures hit 45°C windchill factor in the region.

polar bear

Polar Bear 'Winner' at the Buenos Aires Zoo

The Buenos Aires Herald reported the zoo's official statement: "With deep sadness we announce that early yesterday morning our polar bear died.

"He was beloved by the entire staff of the Buenos Aires City zoo.

"The cause of death following a necropsy was established as hyperthemia, which is influenced by the environment and by the bear’s own temperament.

"Unfortunately, as a consequence of the unusually high temperatures, along with fireworks from December 24th and the bear’s nervious temperament caused the bear’s death.”