28/12/2012 17:11 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Shameless Actress Tina Malone Plans An IVF Baby At 50

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Shameless actress Tina Malone has revealed that she will start fertility treatment next month – at the same time as she turns 50.

Tina is desperate for a child with her husband of two years Paul, 30, a personal fitness trainer.

Tina has dropped 10 stone since 2010 when she had a gastric band fitted.

If IVF is successful, she will be the first celebrity with a gastric band to successfully conceive.

Tina told the Daily Mirror: "We start IVF at the end of January so fingers crossed. We're going to give it about six weeks.

"If it happens, then brilliant. If it doesn't, we'll get another dog and a couple of ducks.

"My daughter Dannielle is 31 and I'm chomping at the bit for grandchildren. I'm very family orientated."

Despite the couple's 19-year age gap, Tina revealed she is happiest curled up in her onesie with Paul and their dogs Bella and Bob.

This may not be the first time Tina has tried IVF. In January she appeared on This Morning talking about her IVF plans - or getting a dog!

Would you contemplate motherhood at 50, 29 years after your last child?

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