'Pregnancy Is Not As Easy As People Think': Kim Kardashian Talks Pregnancy Pains

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who announced she is pregnant with her first child by rapper boyfriend Kanye West this week, has been talking about the trials of pregnancy.

Kim, 32, who showed off her three month curves in a strategically embroidered black lace dress on New Year's Eve, said that pregnancy is 'not fun' (thanks Kim!) and that she is suffering from 'growing pains'.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Kim and Kanye, 35, do not know the sex of the baby yet but apparently are keen to find out. presumably, so they can start choosing names beginning with K for their baby, already dubbed Kimye.

Kim said:"I wouldn't say that pregnancy has been easy but there's been no morning sickness. When people say pregnancy is fun and they love it, I would disagree. I think from this stage on it does become easier and funner but it's just adjusting."

She also said she was craving sushi, even though she knew she wasn't supposed to eat raw fish.

The big question now is will they tweet their scan pics and first baby pics, or sell them to the highest bidder? This is going to be a long six months!