Jobseeker Adam Pacitti Spends £500 On London Billboard In Desperate Attempt To Find Work

A 24-year-old documentary maker has become so desperate for work he's spent his last £500 on a billboard begging for a job.

Adam Pacitti, from the Isle of Wight, put up the giant billboard outside Kilburn station in North London in a last ditch attempt to secure a job in the "ultra competitive, cutthroat and slightly vacuous industry that is the media."

The giant billboard directs potential employers back to his website on which he has set up a tongue-in cheek video advertising his skills, along with a digital CV.

He told the Huffington Post UK despite the billboard "reeking of desperation" he hopes someone spots his potential.

"I wanted to do something unique and true," he said.

"A billboard is such a striking image and its something very shareable as well. The original idea was a video CV but so many people already do that, along with 'employ me' websites.

"The billboard is entirely accurate, it was the last of my money and I think that reeks of desperation but hopefully in a good way."

Pacitti has been out of work for three months with his last job working in an arcade during the summer. He said he believed a combination of factors were to blame for his lack of job success.

"I had a summer job in an arcade but obviously that's seasonal. Although I realise I was lucky to have a job at all I really want to work in production.

"I think the reason for my lack of success is a combination of things including the recession. When there's 1,000 applications for every media job how do you make yours stand out? Although I know I don't have the most impressive CV in the world all my work is online and I hope somebody sees something in what I do."

The picture has been retweeted over 7,000 times in less than a day, with high profile personalities as Gail Porter wishing him luck.

Pacitti said he was incredibly grateful for everyone who had helped share the billboard.

"I've had overwhelming support and I really am so grateful for all the people who are retweeting it.

"So far there's been no formal job offers, but a few companies are starting to get in touch, primarily it's been advertising stuff."

You can contact Adam at

As his video pleads: "If I sound like your ideal candidate then get in touch, because to be honest I'm getting desperate."