03/01/2013 05:36 GMT

EastEnders Spoiler: Max Branning And Kirsty To Share Another Kiss

'EastEnders' Max Branning is set for a passionate embrace with estranged wife Kirsty in the soap's latest twist.

The Albert Square resident's secret marriage was revealed on Christmas Day - just as he was due to tie the knot with his ex Tanya.

In scenes set to air on Friday night, Kirsty (played by Kierston Wareing) spots Max (Jake Wood) in the Square and asks to speak to him alone. But when Max tells her he wants her to leave Walford and him forever, Kirsty is livid and lets him know what she thinks of him.

Kirsty and Max Branning

A show insider revealed: "As he offers Kirsty the money for her train fare, it is clear there is still a spark between the two and they end up sharing a passionate kiss.

"Max thinks his problem has now gone away and goes home to tell Tanya but little does he know, Kirsty hasn't gone far."

Meanwhile, the soap's executive producer Lorraine Newman has said Kirsty isn't going to give up Max to Tanya without a fight.

She told the 'EastEnders' website: "Kirsty's tenacious, she's not going to let him go... It's not going to be a small fight. Let's just say - there's a lot of hair there!"

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