Kirstie Allsopp Attacks NCT In Twitter Row



Kirstie Allsopp has come under fire from Twitter users after posting a series of less than flattering comments about the National Childbirth Trust.

Mum-of-two Kirstie said the advice handed out by the trust was 'b*******' and that it was a 'politicised, dogmatic and scary organisation'.

Kirstie made her comments after listening to a Today programme discussion with the NCT's chief executive on Radio 4. The show also featured the writer Linda Geddes who alleged she had been given poor advice by the NCT during her pregnancy, and that its staff had not adequately told her of the 'downsides' of a natural delivery.

Kirstie suggested that the NCT deliberately failed to offer enough information about caesarians in their antenatal classes. Her two boys, Bay, six, and Oscar, four, were both delivered by c-section.

After tweeting 'turn to BBC Radio 4 for talk of a book about all the absurd myths surrounding pregnancy & birth. More NCT b******* as usual though. Lots of people have good NCT experiences, but many don't. This is a very politicised, dogmatic and in my experience, scary organisation'.

Kirstie was met with a barrage of messages from NCT supporters.

One, Sarah Johnson, wrote back to her 'just to let you know: As an NCT teacher, I am going to request we consult lawyers re your tweets.'

The Mail reports that Belinda Phipps, the NCT chief executive, said the organisation encourages feedback and that she asks 'anyone who isn't satisfied' to contact them directly.

Kirstie later tweeted 'I understand that classes vary greatly, but the tweets I am getting do not lessen my belief that there's some scary stuff going on.'

What was your experience of NCT classes?

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