Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand Might Ditch Football For Hollywood

What's Rio's Next Career Move?

Rio Ferdinand is willing to swap his football boots at Manchester United to take on a leading role in Hollywood, as long as he gets to play a character with a sensitive side.

Rio's success on the pitch is undisputed, having played for both Man U and England during his career but now he is turning his sights to a new challenge, and is hoping he will one day be adding an Oscar to his list of trophies.

The player said he is not looking to just play a hardman character like those often played by fellow footballer-turned-actor Vinnie Jones, and thinks he could try something with a lot more depth of feeling to it.

Could Rio swap his boots for the stage?

The Sun reports Rio said: "You're undervaluing my acting potential, man. I'd go for an emotional part, something off the wall. I've got too much for a henchman role. I'd need for it to be, I dunno, like Luther. Or if they're looking for a new James Bond. I wouldn't say that's out of my comfort zone at all."

There's no official word yet on whether the producers of Bond are looking to replace Daniel Craig for the next instalments, but Rio could be in luck yet.

He also revealed that he is terrified of being shouted at by his boss Sir Alex Ferguson for any drops in his performance, so it could be a while before Rio gets to swap his training sessions with his teammates for acting lessons and casting calls.


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