08/01/2013 07:09 GMT

David Bowie 'Where Are We Now?' Reviews: What Do The Critics Think Of His Comeback Single?

David Bowie stunned fans when he unexpectedly released his first new single in a decade at midnight on Monday.

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The unveiling of a new track, 'Where Are We Now?', along with a video and the news that he'll be releasing a new album in March, was his brilliant way of celebrating his 66th birthday.

'Where Are We Now?' climbed to number two in the iTunes download chart just 12 hours after its release and it's had some great feedback from the critics so far. Check out some of their first impressions below...

The Telegraph's Neil McCormick wrote: "Lush, stately, beautifully strange, weaving resonant piano chords, decaying synths and echoing drums around a simple chord progression and a weary, tenderly understated, quietly defiant vocal, David Bowie’s elegiac new single may be the most surprising, perfect and welcome comeback in rock history."

The Evening Standard's David Smyth called his efforts "gentle, elegiac and stunningly beautiful" and praised Bowie for - on his 66th birthday - giving his fans a present.

The Mirror's Alun Palmer said: "Wistful and full of yearning, Where Are We Now? is Bowie looking back on the seismic changes, both personal and political, since he left Berlin at the end of the Seventies."

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