Kim Kardashian's Baby Bump Stays Covered Up On Bikini Photoshoot

With Kim Kardashian being pregnant, we thought we may have to wait until after the birth before she was parading about in a bikini again.

Then we remembered one vital fact - this is KK we are talking about.

The reality star was spotted on a beach photoshoot yesterday and showed no signs of slowing down her modelling career as she gears up for her new arrival.

Kim announced she was expecting Kanye West's baby last month

However, she wasn't about to let any sneaky paps get the first glimpse of her baby bump, so she covered it up with a chunky knit. Kaftans are like so 2008.

Kim showed no signs of slowing down on a photoshoot yesterday

Meanwhile, Kim and baby daddy Kanye West are said to have turned down a $3m offer for the first pictures of their new arrival - despite the fact it is not due for another six months.

A source close to the couple told TMZ that the couple have 'no plans' to sell any pictures of their baby, despite several offers already being on the table.

Kim Kardashian

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