Ninety-Year-Old Man To Sue Parents Of His 15-Year-Old Bride After She Flees Marital Home


The parents of a 15-year-old girl who barricaded herself in her marital bedroom after being married off to a 90-year-old man are being sued by the spurned pensioner.

The unnamed nonagenarian is reportedly looking to recover the £10,750 dowry he paid for the teenager in Saudi Arabia.

The girl is said to have shut herself in the bedroom for two days before escaping and returning to her parents' home.

Al-Hayat newspaper reports that the elderly man suspects the young women and her mum and dad set out to con him out of the 65,000 Saudi Riyals.

"I feel that there is a conspiracy by her mother against me," he told the paper. "I will go to court tomorrow and demand that her parents give me back my money."

The Telegraph says campaigners in Saudi Arabia have demanded the authorities step in to make sure the teenager is not returned to her husband.