Pamela Anderson Hits The Town After Being Booted Off 'Dancing On Ice' (PICS)

After being the first celebrity contestant to be booted off 'Dancing On Ice' (meaning she was paid a whopping £1000 per second!), Pamela Anderson wasted no time in errrrm, getting wasted.

Pamela heads out with her 'Dancing On Ice' skating partner Matt Evers and fellow contestant Matt Lapinskas

And after suffering a wardrobe malfunction on the ice during her skate off against Keith Chegwin when (quelle surprise) her boob made a bid for freedom, she suffered another last night.

After a heavy night out on the lash with her skating partner Matt Evers and Matt Lapinskas in tow, a worse-for-wear Pammy returned to her hotel with a massive hole in her fishnets.

Pammy suffers her second wardrobe malfunction of the week

And it all started off so civilised, too.

The trio kicked off their evening with a trip to the theatre to watch 'Wicked!' before heading off to les Ambassadeurs Club in Mayfair.

From there they then headed to milliner-to-the-stars Philip Treacy's in Havelock Terrace before heading for a nightcap in South London.

And all on a school night too.

And to bed... Pammy calls it a night

We're exhausted just reading about it, so Pammie, at 45 years of age, we salute you and your partying ways.

The girl's certainly got stamina.

Tired And Emotional Celebs

Tired And Emotional Celebs

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