Kate Middleton's Birthday: 31 Funny Pics Of The Duchess Of Cambridge (PHOTO GALLERY)

PICTURES: 31 Funny Photos Of Kate Middleton

It is, in case you hadn't noticed/are a republican, the 31st birthday today of The Artist Formerly Known As Kate Middleton.

And so at HuffPost UK Comedy we are, of course, celebrating in the time-honoured tradition: rounding up silly photos.

Yes, the Duchess of Cambridge may be lovely and fragrant and we may, in the words of Viv from 'The Young Ones', want to protect her: but that's no reason to have a giggle at some of her funniest moments, eh? In fact, we think it's all the more reason to celebrate the fact that, unlike that other top British celebrity Princess Victoria of Beckham, say, Kate doesn't mind a) pulling faces, b) doing silly things and c) laughing.

So sit back, relax and pour yourself a glass of gin and Dubonnet, and enjoy clicking through our slideshow of royally funny snaps...

Kate Middleton's Funniest Photos

(All images: PA)


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