09/01/2013 12:54 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Sisters Aged 12 And 14 Crash Into Each Other Driving Separate Cars!

Sisters aged 12 and 14 crash into each other driving separate cars! Alamy

Two sisters aged just 14 and 12 were recovering in hospital today after the cars they were DRIVING crashed into each other!

The younger sister couldn't even see over the steering wheel when she collided with her older sister, police in New Zealand revealed.

Traffic officer Inspector Marcus Lynam said: "It appears the younger girl has taken the Ford car for a drive and, when her older sister became concerned about where she was, the 14-year-old jumped into the Nissan to go in search of her.

"The two cars have subsequently collided at the entrance to the driveway. Both cars were extensively damaged.

"The 12-year-old girl driving the Ford suffered minor internal injuries, while her 14-year-old sister driving the Nissan suffered a fractured wrist."

The sisters were taken by ambulance to the city's Waikato Hospital for treatment. Police were alerted when a 'distraught' woman motorist in the North Island city of Hamilton reported that she was nearly hit by a blue Ford Falcon driven by someone too short to see through the car's windscreen.

A short time later, the powerful Ford collided head-on with a Nissan Bluebird pulling out of a driveway, driven by the girl's worried sister who was setting off to look for her.

Police are questioning what the girls were doing behind the wheel, and Inspector Lynam said the incident was a warning to parents to re-evaluate their children's access to vehicles. He said it was too early to say whether charges would be laid.

The minimum age at which anyone can apply for a provisional driving licence in New Zealand is 16, and conditions include supervision by a licensed driver.

"The reason we have graduated driver licences is because young people simply don't have the cognitive skills or ability to react to situations that can arise on our roads at any time," Inspector Lynam said.