'Those Gorgeous Eyes Lost Their Glow' Coleen Rooney's Moving Tribute To Tragic Sister Rosie


Heartbroken Coleen Rooney has paid tribute to her 14-year-old sister Rosie who died on Saturday after a lifelong illness.

In a moving message of condolence in the Liverpool Echo newspaper 27-year-old Coleen called Rosie a 'special little sister'.

Rosie, who as a toddler was adopted by Coleen's family, suffered from the genetic disorder Rett Syndrome and was adopted by Colette and Tony McLoughlin as a baby.

Coleen's footballer husband Wayne also wrote a heartfelt message, calling Rosie an inspiration and said he would never forget her.

Coleen, who is expecting her second baby in May, wrote: "This doesn't seem real, Ro. I wish it wasn't happening.

"I can't get my head round that my special little sister has gone.

"I am going to miss that massive smile that would light up anywhere with those big eyes which let us know how you were feeling.

"You were tired, weren't you Ro? Those gorgeous eyes lost their glow, but no more pain and no more fighting, now it's time for you to be free.

"An angel sent to our family, a sister I never thought I would ever have.

"Our house is never going to be the same again. Love you so much Rosie Mc. "Look down on us all, especially on our mum and dad.

"Goodnight, God bless. - Your Coleen xxx."

Coleen with son Kai, mum Colette, dad Tony and Roise. Pic: WENN

Nephew Kai also left a message saying he was looking forward to telling his little brother about his auntie.

His message read: "My Rosie, my special auntie. I loved spending time with you, especially watching DVDs in bed and climbing up on your chair to sit on your knee.

"I am going to miss you so much, but you will always have a big place in my heart and in my mind.

"Days out with Nanny and Grandad aren't going to be as special because you're not going to be with us.

"I can't wait to tell my little brother about you. Get ready to catch my balloons because there's going to be loads getting sent up to Heaven. Your little mate Kai."

Brave Rosie's illness inspired sister Coleen and Manchester United striker husband Wayne to help raise funds for sick, disadvantaged and disabled children.

Wayne, 27, called Rosie 'an inspiration' in his tribute to his wife's sister.

He wrote: "My angel Rosie, I will miss you so much.

"I will never forget the way you laughed and those big beautiful eyes. You are an inspiration to me.

"God has called for you, so we have to let you go, so take your eyes and that big smile and make Heaven glow.

"You will always have a special place in my heart. Love you always and forever. - Your Wayne."

Grief-stricken parents Collette and Tony also left a poignant message: "We are so proud to be your mum and dad.

"Our whole world revolved around you. We are going to miss you terribly.

"You may not have walked like you should have done. You may not have talked like you should have done.

"Sometimes the anger and the pain shone through in your frustrated cries.

"Rosie, we are sorry we had no miracles to give you or a magic wand to wave, all that we could give you was Love and Faith.

"But when you smiled we could see the beautiful little girl who lived in your eyes.

"Love you forever, Mum and Dad xxxx."

A funeral service for Rosie McLoughlin will be held in Liverpool on Thursday and a collection box for Alder Hey Hospital and Claire House will be available.