'World's Fattest Man' Paul Mason Says His Excess Skin 'Weighs More Than Holly Willoughby'

Paul Mason, once known as the world's fattest man, broke down during an interview on Wednesday as he confessed he felt trapped inside his excess skin.

Speaking on ITV 1's This Morning the 51-year-old described his excess skin as "horrendous" and revealed it weighs more than eight stone.

"I feel like I'm still trapped with the excess skin," said Paul. "It hurts, it weighs in excess of eight stone, it's horrendous, especially the bit around the middle here. Because of the weight of it, when I do mobilise it splits. It splits underneath and at the side of my tummy.”

Mr Mason used to weigh 70st

He continued: “As you can see I need some skin removed. It won't go away. It doesn't matter how much I exercise. It weighs in excess of, if you don't mind me saying, Holly here.”

The former postman lost 46st after having a gastric bypass in 2010 to reduce the size of his stomach.

Now weighing 24st, Paul believes the NHS should pay for further surgery to remove folds of loose skin, which could cost up to £37,000 if done privately.

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"It's available, it's part of the treatment," he said. "I'm doing my part. I’ve changed my life, I’ve proved that. And the NHS started the treatment with the gastric bypass surgery and now I'm at the stage where I need an apronectomy. It needs doing so I can be more mobile.”

Paul, who once weighed 70st and consumed 20,000 calories per day, described his overeating as a debilitating food addiction which was caused by many factors, including a broken heart when he was 21.

“It was a combination of issues from school and issues in family life. So all those things just built up inside and I used food to try and blot out those feelings that I had in my head."