Laura Evelyn Posts Absurd 'House Rules' From Prospective Landlord On Twitter

There are house rules, and then there is this.

Londoner Laura Evelyn posted a photo on her Twitter account of the conditions of rental she was given after viewing a room for let - and good grief that list was epic.

It contains 31 somewhat over-the-top dos and don’ts for the house including one prohibiting overnight guests unless discussed with the landlord two weeks in advance. Additionally, showers are limited to 15 minutes between the hours of 6-10 AM and 7-11 PM.

What's more, time spent cooking must not exceed 30 minutes and if doors are not kept open during food preparation, "a charge will be added to your rent for new wallpaper."

Following the 31st point, the landlord signs off with: "Hope you enjoy your read and your stay."

According to Laura the price of the room was very reasonable, but for her, the deal-breaker was the pork sanction.

Head over to Reddit to read more and see the full list of rules.

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